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Re: O2 Network Issues - 6th December 2018

My wife just text me (she is tesco) and i got her message twice.
Seems to be some gremlins still...

Please note, this is not customer services and we cannot access your account. Do not publish personal details (email, phone number, bank account).

Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here

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Re: O2 Network Issues - 6th December 2018

My phone is still sending ghost texts and deducting their cost from my credit balance

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Re: O2 Network Issues - 6th December 2018

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Ditto. Having exactly same problem

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Re: O2 Network Issues - 6th December 2018

Im now starting to get a little fed up with o2 for everytime I send a text that same text gets delivery to other end two or three times its now coming out of my monthly free text alowance.



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Re: O2 Network Issues - 6th December 2018

Managed to get through to O2 Customer Services on about the 10th attempt about the text message issue, then "held in a queue, expected wait 30 mins" following which I was cut off 5 minutes later.  This has happened twice.


Yet according to the BBC all issues have been resolved.



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Re: O2 Network Issues - 6th December 2018

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Hi all. After all the news coverage about this yesterday, are you all still blaming O2 for this?  It was not O2's issue and they have been working as hard as they can to fix this with Ericsson since it first occurred yesterday morning. Services are pretty much back to normal, but for those who are not, just report to customer service. 


Again, this is an user community forum, not customer service. There is no point only complaining here as nothing can be done by anybody on here.


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Re: O2 Network Issues - 6th December 2018

I would try livechat for some help with this, but since yesterday, the option to use livechat has been stuck on "give us a moment, we're checking to see if theres an available agent", and it recommends that I come to this forum for some support.


First time in over 18 years approximately, of being a customer, that I have been this disappointed in the service from O2.

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Re: O2 Network Issues - 6th December 2018

I'm pay monthly and didn't even know about the problem until I woke up 7pm and saw o2 was o2 then tried calling at 4.45am call didny bus or sound call went through but I couldn't hear them or they hear me so what's app call in end and then noticed no 4g or 3g icon so knew I'd been effected
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Re: O2 Network Issues - 6th December 2018

On o2 network, and receiving 4G signal but still text messages diplay Not Delivered when sent.

Recipient complaing of receiving message multiple times.

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Re: O2 Network Issues - 6th December 2018



My phone, texts and internet all back on... 

I didnt mind the internet being off. it was my texts and phone calls really, which was more important due to my father who is terminally ill... to keep in touch with him, was important... and to keep in contacted with my brother and sister.mom regardying the situation... 


Many people dont understand technolgy espically phones and how they work or go wrong, like many i just use the phone... and get annoyed when it doesnt work. thats human nature... 

Years ago in the 80s we didnt have this technology. and we got by, yes we did, because we knew no different. today we live by our phones for all sorts of reasons. Business, social , news, and games, keeping in touch is so easy and simple then it was in the old days, however everyone had land lines and public telephones were easy and everywhere. those days have gone, unfortunately, to me they were the good old days, when people helped others. i joined this forum yesterday so i could see and understand what was going on about the phones going off. to get some advice and help.... lots of people where affected by this isssue. yes it was not 02 fault, things happen, however, we as customers pay for a service... 

Peoples lives are busy and stressful today. every small issue is a big issue to someone... someones business, a sick child, a sick relative, social and just talking to friends... its all important to that particular person... we all live in an age where we forget others and think of our own problems and issues.... ok it was just a phone... its just the internet.... no to certain people it is a life line to the outside world, where in reality they can not go out and enjoy what we all take for granted... its someones buisness and now due to yesterday a loss of money and customers, a mom who is worried about her son who was ill, a sick father, who enjoys and looks forward to the daily text messages from his adult children, to check he is ok and doesnt need everything. Lets all feel for just one minute what someones issue however small to you is a big major issue to one person.... its nearly christmas... i say no more... ???