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O2 and Netflix. Now together.

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Hey everyone,

We have some incredible news to share! Today O2 have announced a brand new partnership with Netflix that offers new and upgrading customers on selected tariffs the opportunity to enjoy Netflix for free this summer. From the award-winning Orange Is The New Black to the captivating Stranger Things, O2 customers will be able to take advantage of some the best shows out there thanks to the new deal.

Interested? We know you are, so we’ve more details below.
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Who's eligible for the offer?
The offer is open to all new and upgrading customers on selected tariffs from 14/06/2018 to 08/08/2018 (inclusive), on all devices including 'Like New'. This offer will also be available for our customers purchasing through Dixons Carphone Warehouse and Mobile Phones Direct

The offer detail
The offer covers the cost of 6 or 12 months access to the Netflix service on the Standard “2 Screens at a Time” streaming plan (valued at £7.99 a month).

  • If you select a tariff that includes 6 months of Netflix, you’ll receive a £47.94 Netflix credit
  • If you select a tariff that includes 12 months of Netflix, you’ll receive a £95.88 Netflix credit
  • Note: This can also be used to upgrade or downgrade your Netflix plan and this can be done through your Netflix account. If you choose to upgrade, the amount of credit will reduce sooner. So if for example you move to the Premium plan then you’ll have £9.99 deducted each month instead of the £7.99 the Standard plan costs.

What tariffs are eligible?
To receive this Netflix offer, you need to take out a new Pay Monthly contract or upgrade your existing one, and select one of the tariffs listed below – and beside them, the corresponding number of free Netflix months you’ll receive.

O2 Refresh tariffs:

  • 15GB to 25GB: 6 months free Netflix
  • 25GB or more: 12 months free Netflix

SIM Only Tariffs:

  • 18GB or more: 6 months free Netflix

Tablet Tariffs:

  • 5GB or more: 6 months free Netflix

Mobile Broadband Dongle:

  • 18GB or more: 6 months free Netflix


How it works

  1. Provided you took out or upgraded to an eligible tariff, you will receive a leaflet at about the Netflix offer. This leaflet will let you know that you’ll receive an email 14 days after you’ve received their device, or after the ‘change-of-mind’ period.
  2. Once you receive the email, this will contain a link to a redemption site.
  3. You click on the link and enter your O2 mobile number (this may be pre-filled, but if not, enter it here)
  4. Once your O2 number has been entered, you’ll receive a code to your mobile device that you then must enter into the redemption site when asked.
  5. At this stage, you click on ‘Redeem’ and you’ll then be directed to the Netflix site.
  6. If you’re new to Netflix, you’ll need to register on the Netflix website. If you’re already a Netflix customer, you’ll just need to log in.
  7. You will now have either a £47.94 credit for 6 months or £95.88 credit for 12 months, depending on the tariff you chose.

What happens when the credit is used up?
New Netflix Customer: If you were a new customer to Netflix and only signed up through the above redemption process, you’ll be automatically signed up to ‘Charge 2 Mobile’. This means that once your last month of credit has been used up, you’ll be charged automatically through your O2 bill from Month 7 or Month 13, depending on the offer you signed up to, and that you didn’t upgrade your plan from ‘Standard’ (i.e, if you upgraded to the £9.99 ‘Premium’ plan, this will use £9.99 of your credit each month, resulting in less than 6 or 12 months of fee Netflix)

If you’d prefer to pay through a different method when your credit runs out, you can change this from within your Netflix account. You must change this before the end of month 6 or month 12 to ensure it takes effect in time.

Existing Netflix Customer
: If you were already a customer with Netflix before signing up for the offer, your original payment method will kick back in once your credit has been used up.

So guys, what do you think of this amazing news and which Netflix shows are you most likely to binge on this summer? Are you looking forward to any upcoming Netflix movies or shows? Let us know below!

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Re: O2 and Netflix. Now together

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Other FAQ’s

Q. What Netflix package am I entitled to?
The free subscription will be for Netflix’s Standard “2 screens at a time” streaming plan, normally priced at £7.99 per month. Once redeemed your Netflix account will be credited with the full amount of either 6 or 12 months’ worth of subscription payments (£47.94 for 6 months or £95.88 for 12 months).

Q. Can I change to a different package?
If you wish to move to either the £5.99 or £9.99 Netflix package you can do so. The new amount will be deducted from the credit on your account. I.e if you have received 12 months free and have a £95.88 credit, £9.99 will be deducted each month rather than £7.99 and your free period would be around 9 and a half months.

Q. Redemption site is saying I am not eligible, how do I check this?
If you receive an error message advising that you are not eligible please check the date that you took out your new contract or upgraded your account. You must wait 14 days before redeeming the offer.

Q. I have received an invalid link, what do I do?
If the link you have received is not working then please use www.o2.co.uk to access the redemption site.  

Q. I haven’t received my email and 14 days have passed?
If you haven’t received your email 14 days after your connection just visit http://netflix.o2.co.uk/ to redeem the offer.

Q. I don’t want to continue my Netflix subscription once the promotional period ends, how can I do this?
If you don’t want to continue your subscription at the end of the promotional period just log into your Netflix account, select ‘account’ from the menu and then ‘cancel membership’

Q. I already have a Netflix account and payment method?
If you already have an account just log in when redeeming to have the credit added. You do NOT need to set up a new account. If you already have a Direct Debit set up, this will be suspended until the promotional credit amount has been exhausted.

Q. I am currently paying my monthly Netflix subscription with Google Pay or iTunes?
If you are currently paying by either of these methods you will need to cancel the original account or set up a new account to take advantage of the offer. If you require any assistance in doing this, please contact Netflix who can support.

Q. I am a new customer to Netflix, what should I do?
If you are a new customer to Netflix all you need to do is register on Netflix once you have completed the registration on the redemption site. You will then be directed to the Netflix site through the process and should register at this point.

Q. I am using a device that cannot receive SMS, how do I receive the SMS during the redemption process?
If you are using a device such as a hotspot and cannot receive an SMS then ensure that you connect to the o2 network through this device when completing the redemption process. This will allow you to redeem without the need to receive the SMS.

Q. How do I change my billing to Direct Debit?
All new customers to Netflix will be automatically opted into Charge to Mobile billing once the initial free period has finished. You will have accepted these terms when signing up. If you wish to change the payment method all you need to do is log into Netflix and update your account with direct debit details.

Q. What happens after I have used up my Netflix gift subscription?
3 days before your promotional offer is depleted, you will receive an email alert from Netflix as a reminder that your promotional period is coming to an end.

Q. Can I apply two credits to one account if I take out 2 contracts?
You can redeem up to one (1) promotional offer per qualifying purchase (max of 4 total per Netflix account).


Q. I've waited the 14 days but still haven't had a link yet. What now?

A. We have identified the issue and a fix has been put in place. All impacted customers will receive the redemption email but if you have already passed the 14 day cooling off period, to save you the time please visit www.netflix.o2.co.uk/Offer to redeem the offer. 

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Re: O2 and Netflix. Now together

Good for enticing new customers and getting existing customers to renew.


For existing customers already in a contract not so good unamused

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Re: O2 and Netflix. Now together.

Yes @Markojemo I was thinking exactly the same thing ☹
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Re: O2 and Netflix. Now together.

I was about to say that rules me out then....Smiley Sad

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Re: O2 and Netflix. Now together.

Mongo data packages involved, anything for the more conservative data consumer?
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Re: O2 and Netflix. Now together.

Anyone thinking of upgrading to get this offer?

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Re: O2 and Netflix, Customer Loyalty

I am a long term customer, i been with O2 when it was pervious BT Genie. 


My question is, why does O2 not automatic get this offer instead of change tarrif to get Netflix, i feel that us long term customers get short chnaged on all deals that go on as part the recent update to tarriffs. 


O" should have a loyalty schem that based on length of service you been with O2, and even if you changed tarrif or number it should be based on time you been with O2 and loyal customers should get offered loyalty automtic. 


I know of other company that has a specific loyalty offwers via a specifi app to its loyal customers. 


Now i like see what O2 has say about this to all it customers via this post. 



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Re: O2 and Netflix, Customer Loyalty

@EmilieT request above for feedback from O2. 

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: O2 and Netflix, Customer Loyalty

Hi @Tribblemaster, thanks for your comments, it's much appreciated! We've passed on your feedback along with the other members' above to O2 Smiley Happy

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