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Any ideas?

I spent about 40 minutes on the phone earlier today with an agent completing an O2 refresh upgrade. Everything went through fine and the lady told to the wait for my contract to come via email to e-sign which can take up to an hour. It eventually cam...

Davo81 by Level 1: Joiner
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White Room Quiz Wed 12 June 2024

Welcome to There are two White Room Quizzes each week - one on Monday and one on Wednesday. Today`s WRQ is 8 questions with two questions on each of these categories SCIENCE LITERATURE ART FOOD & DRINK The White Room Quiz is open to all members. Thos...

MiAmigo_0-1718163829668.png MiAmigo_2-1718163829672.png
Mi-Amigo by Level 47: Going Places
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Hi can I get help 

Mkj by Level 1: Joiner
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Introduction of DPD PIN Code for O2 Deliveries

UPDATE: After us noticing some minor issues, and thanks to feedback from customers, we have paused the DPD PIN Code activity while it is reviewed. We currently have no ETA for it making a return at present. Hey all. We wanted to let everyone know tha...

Chris_K by Former Staff
  • 10 replies
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Cut off !!!

After waiting for 25 minutes I get through, somebody says how can they help and then they cut me off ! So very rude and completely infuriating ! I won't bother again which is what they probably want !

Johnh2 by Level 1: Joiner
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Word Association.....

Word Association: Read the previous posters word and then write the first thing that comes to mind. Keep it clean.....!! We'll start with..... Elephant

MI5 by Level 94: Supreme
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Spare SIM card for holiday, as a backup

Hi, planning on going on holiday overseas in August, was thinking about getting a refurb phone same as my current one from amazon as a burner phone in case my current gets lost/stolen. Does anyone know if it's possible to order a 'spare' SIM card too...

jfk by Level 1: Joiner
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Multi save still not applied to account

Hi, I applied for the multi-save discount when I updated one of my contracts. This was many months ago, but it still has not been applied. I would be grateful if a Forum Team member could help. Thanks.

just-me by Level 1: Joiner
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Swapping phones

Hi.Now that I have a replacement phone I am not sure what the next step is?.Should I be expecting a replacement SIM for my new phone, or do I just swap my existing SIM from the old (VM) to the new (O2) phone.

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