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Community Recap: January 2022

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Hi everyone!


Wow, January is already wrapped up :-). And usually, it is a harder month for everyone - Christmas has come and gone, temperatures have dropped and we’re thinking about the year ahead.


But, hopefully, the O2 Community has offered a place for members to find comfort, conversation and companionship during the first month of 2022.


In this Community Recap, let’s see what we’ve been up to.


Amazing Content Created by You


The Games


Top 10 Places Trivia


I risked my reputation on the community by trying out a new game 🇦🇹! In this game, I provided five lists of the top 10 places. The task at hand was for community members to guess what they all had in common.


After some feedback, I had to provide some clues. It was like we were creating the game in real-time, making our tweaks here and there. Overall, it was positive and I think it could be a game that returns soon to the community.


Word Scramble - '80s British Bands


Everyone loves a good word scramble! And @RafaC always nails them. This was another music-themed one, which ended up getting 500+ views and 50+ replies. I think we do have to make them a little harder to compete with some of the members, though… 👀


White Room Quiz - 200th WRQ - Wed 12 Jan 2022


And, of course, we had to give a special mention to @Mi-Amigo’s WRQ hitting the milestone of 200 games 😃. With each question revolving around the number 200, this special edition was much enjoyed by all. Other WRQs of January also enjoyed different themes too, including Numbers and Odd Questions.


We appreciate the effort put into these and love playing them twice a week. Thank you, Mi-Amigo.


The Laughs


New Dragons Den


All I can say is thank you for sharing this clip, @Anonymous. In relation to the new Dragon Den series coming up, they shared this classic clip from Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse 😂.


Definitely, a bit of my humour this one…


Wonderful (true) Church Bulletins Funnies


@TallTrees shared with us some of the funniest true church bulletins to grace villages, towns and cities alike 😂. A personal favourite:


At the evening service tonight, the sermon topic will be 'What Is Hell?' Come early and listen to our choir practice.


They were so funny, honestly. You can lighten up your day by revisiting them. They even cheered up @Pleiades who was isolating at the time 😊. Laughter really is the best medicine, I guess.


The Discussions


Have we crossed a line with smartphone addiction?


I love a good chart 📈! So, I was happy to see @Chris_K share one with the community. This chart shows how the daily smartphone usage by US adults has increased by 25% every year since 2010.


Chris gave some context on maybe why. He also asked the important questions too, such as: 


And another thing to think about... Say a massive solar flare hits Earth, wiping out most electronics, computer and communication networks - how do you think you'd react, and would you survive the apocalypse without access to your phone/internet?


Cheers, Chris 😃!


Volcanoes - Earth's Pressure-valves


Sometimes, a topic can be missed on the community. It may have been posted during a busy hour, when either there was a flood of other posts, or, other community members were themselves busy. That’s why I wanted to give this topic by @pgn a deserved mention 🌋.


Coming across it when looking through January topics, I was sorry to miss it. It’s so interesting to learn that you grew up by an active volcano yourself, pgn, and also terrible to read about the impact recent eruptions have had on places like Tonga. Thank you for sharing.


The Events


Burns Night 2022


We made sure Burns Night had the shoutout it deserved on the community! Even though most of us struggled with the Ol’ Scottish dialect, it was important for us to mark the occasion. 


A benefit of a community like this one is having so many different, diverse and fun members who not only feel okay sharing their interests, but also want to share them. Appreciate you all!




The main event of January, of course. Happy New Year! We had several posts (here by @Luke30 and here by @anticpated). @Cleoriff rounded up the troops with this one, where everyone could wish each other a Happy New Year 🎆.


News, Updates and Announcements


What is New?


SMS over Wifi Calling


@Chris_K very kindly gave us an update on Wifi calling, with it now being rolled out for SMS on certain devices! The community was very happy to hear about this progress being made by O2.


Roam freely with Virgin Media O2


Chris also let us know that O2 and Virgin Mobile customers will maintain inclusive roaming in Europe, using data, calls and texts just as they would in the UK! This was great news, especially as other providers haven’t committed to the same offering.


So nice looking back on January, which I usually find a depressing month, but so many positive highlights here on the community to enjoy (and way more, which I didn't have time to include! Sorry).


Thank you for another great month 🤗.

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Well, thanks for the plug, @lewys-gp!

I guess 230km due south of Mount Etna is probably not really close, but it's as close as I cared to be when that volcano started to rumble.  In fact, the aftershocks of a magnitude 4.5 earthquake about 35km east of where I lived just after 11pm one March night in 1972 had us all up and out of the house along with the neighbours for an hour or so. No damage apart from a couple of hours' lost sleep that time cold_sweat


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Must be a surreal thing to experience, @pgn! I went to the Natural History Museum last year for the first time, and they had a section on earthquakes, as well as a room that mimicked what an earthquake felt like... a crazy reality that many people experience in different parts of the world.

Community Manager for the O2 Community 🙂
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Glad you two enjoyed the Word Scramble as well @Cleoriff and @TallTrees!

And wow, @pgn as @lewys-gp, it must be a surreal thing to experience indeed 🌋  

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