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Community Recap: April 2023

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Greetings (earthlings?) 🖖


It’s May! We made it through April and now *hopefully* can look forward to some sunshine and rising temps for awhile. We had a great last month with tons of content from you guys so let’s have a look, yeah?


Amazing Content Created by You


The Games 🎮


Word Hunt Diamond - Game 145

The new and improved WHD has been a hit with a total of 99 words found in the first game of the month!


Easter Community Event - Guess The Film (Bunny Edition)

@Comben stopped by to host a Bunny Edition quiz. I think I would have aced this one if I was here 😝


The Laughs 🤣


Easter jokes

@Pipstop78 provided us with a week full of Easter jokes. Love these little tidbits in the morning!


National Tea Day

Check out @pgn's handy diagram to see if you fit the bill…


The Discussions 🤔


Easy come, easy go - utopian fantasy or dystopian nightmare?

Concept or not…it’s a bit much, no? 


What do People think of this article?

Stop Scams UK had some pretty bold claims against O2 in this article shared by @Enlli


News, Updates and Announcements 🗞

What’s New?


Emergency Alert Test: Sunday 23rd April at 3pm

What started out as a “heads up” turned into a bit of confusion as some folks didn’t receive the emergency alert.


Let me know what I missed, what you enjoyed, or even what you’d like to see more of next month ❤

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Thanks for the recap @Breanna, so much happens on the community I do miss a lot of things.
Cheers to all the amazing people that contribute and join in, I have enjoyed being part of these forums. 👍

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious"
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I completely missed this @Breanna apologies.

I enjoyed pretty much everything last month, particularly the Easter games and discussions.

May will be different for me. I have a rock and Roll weekend May 11th-15th and a spot of surgery on the 25th So I wont be on much at all....but I'll be thinking of you. 😂

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