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Community Recap: February 2023

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Hello everyone!


What’s the deal with February anyway? 28 days is not enough for a whole month! Let’s go take a look at what we were doing over the last four weeks, shall we?


Amazing Content Created by You


The Games 🎮


Word Hunt Diamond - Game 142

The WHD was back after a brief hiatus (for a couple weeks at least). The two Word Masters @pgn  and @Cleoriff made quick work of the diamond. Everyone should be getting their noggins recharged for the return of the WHD on March 7.


Guess The Film - Love Edition

@Comben gave us a great addition to the Love Week with this film quiz. Have you seen all eight? 


Best Rom-Com Movie - Love Week on the Community

The Princess Bride took a very convenient 14 points for this Best Rom-Com poll that took place on the 14th!


The Laughs 🤣


Mental Fitness Evaluation FUNNIES LOL

@TallTrees tested our mental fitness with this hilarious little evaluation. Turns out it’s not just for retirees…


Valentine's daily jokes

@Pipstop78 kept us snickering throughout the week with these cute and silly Valentine’s daily jokes.


National Margarita Day ~ February 22nd ~ at last

Nothing like a good excuse for a Margarita, right? Don’t let the WRQ give you an excuse though…you might need more than one to console yourself!


The Discussions 🤔


World Peace and understanding day ~ 23rd February

A wise member reminded us to stop and have a think in honour of World Peace and Understanding Day on February 23rd.


Dancing On Ice 2023.

Although @Cleoriff  started this thread back in December, Dancing on Ice continues and the discussions are always frosty fresh 🧊


Favourite sport like to watch on TV?

Luke30 started some conversation about favourite sports. Any fans out there want to stop by and give your two cents?


News, Updates and Announcements 🗞


What’s New?


Farewell from Rafa

😢 Our fave CM RafaC is Movin’ on up and Hittin’ the road (Jack). 


What are some of your favourite ongoing threads? Any you'd like to see highlighted in the recap?

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The deal is that 29th day every 4th year, heavens forfend you are one of the 5 million or so people globally born on that day.

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Hi there @Breanna 

Thanks for the update, quite a lot went on in February.  Well done all 😊 

RAFAC  going on to new horizons. Thanks for all your support and Community jollies.

Happiness and success in the future RafaC .

Pop back when you can ❤❤❤


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Thanks for the recap @Breanna, you're right about February, it's not long enough and seems to have flown by. (Although Dave Gorman more accurately describes and fixes the problem - which is worth a watch if you have a spare 8 mins) 

I really enjoyed all of the games, jokes, posts and activities throughout the Love Month Community Event, so thanks to everyone who joined in with something including participating, running a event or starting a thread. 😀

Finally a shock announcement of Rafa leaving the fold, I was sad to see this announcement all last minute (unless I missed it earlier) but all the best to Rafa and I hope things go well at pastures new. 😢

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious"
Albert Einstein
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