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Went to Portugal - phone stopped working. came back to UK - still not working

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Hi, I've been in portugal for the past week 24 - 31 May. On the 27th, my O2 connection stopped working. I tried switching the mobile data APN to solve the issue - nothing happened. I had to buy an eSIM from AirAlo for the week, as I could never get O2 back online. 


Landed this evening in London again, and my phone is still not working. I've reset the mobile network settings and performed the following:
* rebooted device 3-4 times

* reset network connection

* ensured i've got mobile data turned on

* ensured i'm up to date on my payments


the phone just says 'no service'. Any ideas?

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O2 sim failure or phone failure of sim reader if physical sim.

Guide: Is the network down for me or everyone? 

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