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Re: Using my mobile in the USA

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Texting TRAVEL to 23336 to 'add a bolt on' is broken


For the last few days in the UK I've been texting TRAVEL to 23336 as instructed & I just get an error message saying "O2: Sorry. We're having trouble adding O2 Travel to your account. Please call us (free) on 202 from your mobile."


Calling the number also doesn't work.


Now I've landed in the USA with no bolt on & have had this message come in from o2~

"Welcome to USA. If you want to use data while you're here, you'll need to buy a Zone 1 Bolt On. See our pricing here (it's free to view): . Calls are £2.00/min to make or receive. Texts are 50p to send and free to receive. Call 112 for emergency services."

..& of course the link they've provided is broken.

This is absolutely shambolic. 

How do I use my phone in the States without getting charged £2min/50p text?

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@Samsara Use your MyO2 App to see what bolt-ons you have currently. Assuming you are contract:


Youçll need to be on a tariff that has O2 Travel Inclusive bolt-on OR get the O2 Travel Bolt-on in your MyO2.

If your MyO2 app is not working, you will have to contact O2, via Social Media is probably going to be best for you, link below has the ways, @Samsara. It is probably another Bolt-on active on your account that is causing the error, O2 need to remove it for you so O2 Travel Bolt-on can be applied. Good luck!

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If you can't get anything sorted from O2, then buy a local PAYG sim from T-Mobile or AT&T.

At least you will have a working phone. Or use your device over Wifi. Use Whatsapp or Messenger to keep in touch with friends and family.

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Yep, the my o2 app is broken, as are any links, as are texting TRAVEL. For such a huge company it’s embarrassing that nothing works.


US sim it has to be unfortunately. It just makes everything a lot more complicated 

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