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So yesterday I fired up my new phone (Apple iPhone 15 Pro), all went swimmingly. All apps, data etc transferred from my existing backup from iCloud. Upon startup I noticed a new feature talking about eSim. It asked what I'd like to use as Primary and Secondary. So I thought I did it correctly. Anyway once I began to use the phone, I noticed in the control centre the primary said "No service" and the secondary said "O2". So I thought I had done it incorrectly. Me being me, I like things done right and decided in my idiotic wisdom to factory reset the phone again and try it all again. I was asked this time (which again is new to me) if I'd like to Delete or Keep the eSim. I thought well "Delete". And the next time I went through startup I'd be able to change it to how I wanted. I wasn't!!! So now I cant gain access to my iCloud (hopefully can fix that) and it wants to send a message to my phone number to verify its me. Anyway I did another factory reset and started it up not accessing the iCloud info, but it won't even send a message to my number. Also it is trying to ring the voicemail, but when I try and call it, nothing happens. I'm wondering have I stupidly done something to the Sim when I pressed delete. I have no idea what I'm trying to say, I just hope someone can possibly help here. 

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Go into your MyO2 and download your esim again.

esim install.jpg

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