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My phone won't accept Vodafone calls

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For several months now, my phone hasn't been able to take Vodafone calls. It started with one of my contacts and now there are at least 4 people on my contacts list who are not barred but get the message "this person's phone is switched off" if they try calling.  They can WA me.  I reported this at the shop in Maidenhead; the people tried but could not remedy it - SIM swap, tried the SIM in a different phone, etc.  I called customer services and after lengthy conversations and a whole lot of actions  which did not work, including disconnecting my account, they were unable to do anything and referred me to tech. Weeks later I have heard nothing from tech, have raised a complaint (and received no response) and am no further forward. Short of closing my account, what should I do?  Has anyone else had this problem.? (Also been to Vodafone who say it's not their problem either). It is so annoying and frustrating that no-one will take responsibility/fix this issue.

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Hi @Ruthie54 - puzzling.

1. Were you ever on Vodafone, and ported your (now) O2 number from Voda to O2 at a time?

2. Are you using WiFi calling?

3. Have you tried calling them by entering their number manually, rather than using the contact in your address book for them?

4. None of the called Voda users has, by any chance, blocked you?



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Thanks for respodning.

I was on Vodafone several years ago and did change my number across.

It's not wifi calling - good, old fashioned phone calling.

I can call anyone with no problem at all; it is incoming calls that are an issue. I have checked that they are not blocked and O2 have also checked.  It started with one person getting the message that my phone was switched off, then a second told me about it and since 2 others.  It's so frustrating.

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