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New Ipad Pro - still waiting but I've been charged

Is anyone still waiting for their new Ipad pro?

I orderede mine on 4th Nov and said delivery would be in more than 4 weeks

I have just been billed from the 1st Dec for the device and this months data, with no sign of my new ipad.


Im struggling on the phone as it is telling me that they are sending me a code to the number im talking about, however i dont have it.


And online chat is never available.


Can anyone offer any advice?




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Re: New Ipad Pro - still waiting but I've been charged

1tb I presume?

the above Gold badge is not official and as such does not represent O2 community's officially sanctioned winners badges. They are blue, I made this gold myself, because I wanted to, after 4 years of writing the best reviews seen on these here forums, I decided to take that status, and adopt it into my own coloured badge.
To clarify. I changed the colour and added the years, O2 community admin, did not. Please don't be confused.
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Re: New Ipad Pro - still waiting but I've been charged

Many still waiting https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Welcome-News/iPad-Pro-2018-Pre-order-on-2-November/m-p/1165586#M26924
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Re: New Ipad Pro - still waiting but I've been charged

Hi @Reebo_79, and welcome to the forum Wave I just wanted to check if you managed to get through to someone in Customer Service since you last posted, to settle your query around the billing?

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