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Text message

Dear all,
I need a help to understand my text messages charge.
I received a message today ,that there is a charge of £1.37 for sending 3 txt messages to 000000000001234
Please,can you advise what this number is?I have replaced my old phone with a new one and downloaded few free apps on the same date if this info is helpful but can not remember sending messages to this number
Thanks for your help
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Re: Text message

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Re: Text message

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Hi @Silvi

It means you have sent a MMS instead of a text. (this is where you add emoji's etc to a simple text and it converts it to a multi media message). See help here


Another thread on the community about the same thing



Edited to add, it's not a scam. It's showing a conversion number from sms to mms

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Re: Text message

@Silvi what it actually means is that you used a subject line heading when you composed your text message. 

You can turn off the subject line in message settings to avoid this happening again.

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