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Have you fallen for or been conned into a premium rate scam? What to do next

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If you get your o2 bill and it is higher than expected and on checking the bill in myo2 you find have either have a premium rate charge or a charge to mobile value on your bill, then you may have fallen for a scam on the internet or actually used one of the services.


O2 has provided a short video (see below) explaining about premium SMS numbers and how to avoid "bill shock":


O2 are not the ones that regulate this type of common issue but the regulator Phone-paid Services Authority.
In this self-help guide, I hope to point you in the correct direction to hopefully get your money back from the scammers.


Facebook and other social media platforms are where these scams come from and by being more vigilant on there should also help you in not getting these in future.

O2 can only apply a block on your account for outgoing premium rate services (Confirmed)

NOTE:  If you need to block unsolicited incoming calls, you can register on TPS online which should take you off the national marketing database.

To reclaim any fraudulent charges, you need to follow the clear process outlined here I will not repeat the process here as it is better explained there. It is not down to o2 to issue refunds (but you may get a goodwill gesture)

O2’s advice is also available here again unclear if they will block incoming or just outgoing.

O2 charge to mobile can be blocked as per the advice here


I hope this guide will help others understand why, when you call/live chat with o2 sometimes you may not get the response you are expecting.

Some useful external links


Some extra Info I have is the following list is the top 20 Premium rate services along with all options for contact cost etc source PSA website


Short code Service Company Contact Stop Option Keyword Subscription Cost
80114 Reverse charge Calls 08000MUMDAD 0800 015 1455
STOP ALL 08000MUMDAD No  £4.00 initial charge
61177 Wizzminds Weekly Competition Artiq Mobile 0800 015 5139
STOP ALL N/A Yes £4.50 pw
66299 Mobile Download Cellfie Lalamobi
85555 Channel 5 Competitions Channel 5 0208 114 7001 STOP ALL Varied No  £2.00
83958 Capital Radio  Global Radio Services 0149 475 0500
STOP ALL Varied No £1.00
65557 Competition - xFactor, GMB, BGT ITV 0344 881 4150
STOP ALL N/A No £2.00
81119 Competition - This Morning, Loose Women ITV 0344 881 4150
STOP ALL N/A No £2.00
62525 Competition - xFactor, GMB, BGT ITV 0344 881 4150
STOP ALL N/A No £2.00
68333 Competition - xFactor, The Voice ITV 0344 881 4150
STOP ALL N/A No £2.00
68123 Competition - I'm a celebrity, Dickinsons real deal ITV 0344 881 4150
STOP ALL N/A No £2.00
88323 Competition - Dickinson's Real Deal ITV 0344 881 4150
STOP ALL N/A No £2.00
78555 Gaming OpenMarket / MXTelecom 0207 754 8998
STOP ALL Varied No £1.00
80876 Service Paysera STOP ALL PIP Yes Varied
60077 Prizehook S P Two 0330 134 0183 STOP ALL Varied Yes £4.00
60044 Competition SB7 Mobile 0330 134 0181
STOP ALL Varied No £4.50 Per Msg
79100 Win Con Sites Storacall Technology 0333 332 1972 STOP ALL DOG, COTTAGE Yes £1.50
87066 Multiple Companies Services Tap2Bill 0333 003 0581
STOP ALL Varied Yes £4.50 PW
60447 Discount Voucher Website Viva La Voucher 0344 745 1791
STOP ALL N/A Yes £2.00 pw
88227 Competition Xinion 0333 202 7721
STOP ALL N/A No Varied