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Screen burn!!

Recently sent a one plus 3t to o2 recycle. Was offered £81 but by the time I got the offer after sending phone it was reduced to £16! The physical screen and phone were in mint condition. They said it was due to screen burn! A complete fabrication. I refused their offer and asked for phone to be returned. I worry that that they will physically damage it before return. I took a photo of the screen to show it had no physical cracks but in future turn on phone and take a photo of screen without screen burn!
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Re: Screen burn!!

Hi @Screenburn


There are threads upon threads of complaints regarding O2 Recycle and their disgusting business practices.


The majority of our members recommend CEX for recycling phones as they pay the best prices. Personally I have used O2 Recycle and received the amount I was quoted, with payment credited to my bank account, on receipt of my phone, the same day. But I was the exception not the rule. And I certainly wouldn't use them again.


Your suggestion of taking a photo of your phone both on and off before sending to O2 Recycle is a good one. But personally I wouldn't use O2 Recycle at all.


Hopefully your phone will be returned to you in the same condition as sent.


Good luck and welcome to the forum Welcome

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Re: Screen burn!!

@ScreenburnO2 recycle are getting worse instead of better. At one time the reason was water damage, now they have changed and the excuse top of their list  is screen burn or Led display issues.

Just make sure the IMEI number matches the one you sent off.

Then take it to CEX or Mazuma mobile


Secondly I think it has come to this... if using O2 recycle.

  • Enclose a covering letter giving details of the phones condition and IMEI number
  • Also include copies of pictures taken of the phone from every angle
  • Make it clear that if you do not receive the price quoted, you want the same phone back in exactly the condition it was sent to them (refering to the pictures sent)

A real drag, but the only way to deal with these crooks!!

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Re: Screen burn!!

The incidences regarding problems with O2 Recycle appear in the community with much too much regularity. Is there any way that admin, @Martin-O2 or @EmilieT can look into this?


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Re: Screen burn!!

They really are profiteering from phones sent in good faith by customers. Yes, undoubtedly there are many happy customers who receive the full amount but there are those who come on here to complain and no doubt there are those who have the same problem but don't post on here or who accept this recent fabrication of screen burn. Total joke of a company.

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Re: Screen burn!!

Hi @Screenburn, as it's been a few days since you posted, I wanted to check how you're getting on with this - did you manage to get your phone back ok? 

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Re: Screen burn!!

Phone has not been returned yet. I requested for it's return the day I began this thread. Will check condition and the serial numbers on phone when returned (eventually)
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Re: Screen burn!!

Phone returned Friday 11th Jan. And as had previously stated - absolutely no 'screen burn' what so ever (don't know if it's possible to post pictures as proof?) The only positive is that the phone wasn't purposely damaged before it was returned. So the question is, why would o2 recycle send an email saying rather than offering £81 they are only offering £16 due to screen burn, then return the phone without screen burn?! My only logical explanation is that they fabricate damage and hope people will just accept any reduced offer because they already have upgraded to a new phone and the one they send off is no longer needed and that people can't be bothered with hassle of getting it back. Total scam and they are not held accountable. And the whole time the phone is away (approximately 2-3 weeks) it's value on other mobile recycling sites decreases.
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Re: Screen burn!!

Exactly that..... they hope people won't bother and just accept it.
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Re: Screen burn!!

I just responded to another thread on this. They told me the same BS excuse "screen burn / icon damage" absolute rubbish. They revised my offer for my s8plus down from £200 to £44 told them no thanks and to send me my phone back. o2 are scamming people on this and they are mutliple complaints of this on various forums including this one. Do NOT us o2 recycle they will try scam you!!! And remember you have 48 hours in which to reject the offer - which I have. Makes me not want to be an o2 customer any longer. Very disapointed they use such cheap tactics ....!!!!!