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o2’s incompetence

As many of your loyal customers have already stated, the network going down yesterday caused huge inconvenience and expense. It beggars belief that a. O2 has not issued a public apology and b. Is not offering compensation for the havoc and inconvenience caused.
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Re: o2’s incompetence

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You've obviously not seen the mega-thread: https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Welcome-News/O2-Network-Issues-6th-December-2018/m-p/1176516#M27758 which covers all your points, status updates and quite a lot of other stuff. 


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Re: o2’s incompetence

Hi @Soniad, and thanks for your comments. As @sheepdog mentioned, we have an official topic about issues with the network so we're locking this thread to keep the conversation in one please. Please use this thread to find out our latest updates and share your feedback. 




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