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O2 customer services failure

After the disaster of o2 not having a working network yesterday which meant I couldn't contact my ex who is due to give birth to our child any day I phoned to complain about these issues. I called at 8.20am today. At the time of typing this I have now been on hold for 2 hours 55 minutes it then just cut off and died! Originally I was calling to see if i could get my bill reduced but now after this poor customer service's I will be looking at finding a way to leave o2 and move to there main rival EE.

This has been a total disgrace and so poorly handled. I am totally disgusted with the lack of information they gave us as customers for what was happening and the several failure of any form of customers services.
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Re: O2 customer services failure



All the info is in the mega-thread which was running and still running since 8am on Thursday: https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Welcome-News/O2-Network-Issues-6th-December-2018/m-p/1176516#M27758


And there was updates via: https://status.o2.co.uk (also reported in the thread) which currently has the latest message from o2's CEO & Erricsson. 


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Re: O2 customer services failure

Still doesn't excuse 3 hours on hold just for the call to be dropped
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Re: O2 customer services failure

Hi @Wolfie, and thanks for your comments. We have an official topic about issues with the network so we're locking this thread to keep the conversation in one please. Please use this thread to find out our latest updates and share your feedback. 




The community team. 

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