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Upgrading contract

So I’ve upgraded my current contact via the my o2 app. This is the only way I can do this as I am currently in Thailand. It said o2 had a deal where it would pay off my current contract amount if I upgraded my sim. But it’s saying I still have an amount to pay so I’m not sure...
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Re: Upgrading contract

@Jenny777 This is a customer community, and we cannot help with account issues. You will need to speak to customer service. Obviously there's a huge time difference, so you'll have to adjust your call to that. https://www.o2.co.uk/contactus If you cannot get through on the number provided in the link you can also try +44800 032 1402.


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Re: Upgrading contract

It's almost midnight in Thailand and the best time to call would be 1500 hrs local time.

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Re: Upgrading contract

Hi @Jenny777, and welcome to the forum Wave I hope you foudn the advice above useful, and pelase do let us know how you get on with this!

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