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Upgrade and keeping old phone

I currently have £300 left tocpay on my device plan. I am due my upgrade in November (can refresh upgrade now) if I paid the £300 can I a) keep my old phone? B) choose a new one to upgrade too and continue the contract? I ask as I want to give my phone to family member if I can keep it.
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Re: Upgrade and keeping old phone

@TroubledWarrior @Yes you can. Once you have paid the device plan the phone is yours to do with what you want & you can then upgrade at any time you want Guide: How does O2 Refresh work? 

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Re: Upgrade and keeping old phone

You can but it would have to be a new contract with the new phone.

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Re: Upgrade and keeping old phone

Good morning @TroubledWarrior, and welcome to the community sun


I hope the info above helped you understand better how you can go about upgrading, but if you have any other questions, do let us know! Which device do you have your eye on?

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