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How does O2 Refresh work?

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How does the Refresh plan work?

Your tariff is split into two plans, the first part is your Device Plan.

This is the cost of the device or handset you have chosen, the cost of the phone or tablet will be a set amount each month which will cover the entire cost of your chosen device spread over 24 months. You can then choose to continue paying the device plan every month all the way through the 24 month.

If you want a new handset or device at any point throughout your minimum term then all you have to do to upgrade is to pay off the remainder of the total cost of your handset or device in full then you can choose a new device & tariff of your choosing then you will start a new 24 month cycle.

If you are new to O2 refresh then you will need a Consumer Credit Agreement (CCA) to make sure there are no issues but if you are upgrading from an existing refresh tariff or you have used speed to refresh then you won't need a new credit check, they will just update your tariff on their systems.

Once you've paid off the device it's yours to do with as you wish & your bill automatically halves which means you will only be paying the airtime plan.

our second plan is call the Airtime Plan

This is a set amount each month that you pay for a certain allowance of minutes, texts & data. These vary in different amounts according to how much your plan is.

Again if you are a new O2 refresh customer you will need a separate Consumer Credit Agreement (CCA)

You cannot downgrade your tariff unless you complete your minimum term or upgrade by paying your device plan off. You can then choose to upgrade or if you wish to walk away. Just pay off your device plan then you are free to go with what you want

Custom plans

Our new Custom Plans now enable you to pick your tariff and how long you want to take the phone over. You can choose the upfront payment and spread the cost over 36 months to bring the payments down or choose to pay off faster over 3 months. The tariffs are also Flexible so you can move this up and down every month to suit your data needs. Once the Device Plan is paid off you’re able to upgrade again.  All the info can be found


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Speed To Refresh

Sometimes in your myo2 in your upgrades options you may be eligible for this particular option. This gives you the option of getting on to refresh quickly either by paying a fee with 25% discount or £0.00

You can only get O2 Refresh online, over the phone or in one of your local O2 stores