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Re: Subject access request.

@Gazpreece_1974 wrote:
Hi Cleoriff thanks for that, Its not this issue i have with o2 thats making me the way i am but without going into too much detail. but ive lost my job of 10 years and the firm have admitted liability to an extent but the texts i need will prove its going back more than they want it to, if you get me
thanks again.

I fully understand your stress over this @Gazpreece_1974

Let's wait and see what can be done for you come Monday. Relax a bit till then wink

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Re: Subject access request.

Problems unfortunately don't go away no matter the day of the week. Hope something can be done for you on Monday. The systems customer service have access to don't record text like they once did.In days gone by, an adviser could see a history of texts sent and received and there were plenty of text conversations that both parties would prefer didn't exist. I saw plenty of recorded sexting that a customer would be appalled to know advisers had access to. With the privacy laws these days, I'm not sure if messages can still be pulled off the system but if so, then someone higher up would need to be able to access them and release them in the event of police involvement or legal matters.

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Re: Subject access request.

@Gazpreece_1974 wrote:
yes but they want me to try and get them 1st before they have to request them.

@Gazpreece_1974 If this is an ongoing court case, and you have a solicitor who must be aware that you're having health issues, why are they asking you to make the request? You shouldn't have to be doing their job for them, putting yourself under even greater stress. Doesn't make any sense to me.


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Re: Subject access request.

A SAR (Subject Access Request) isn't really for accessing information on recorded calls or text. Its more to do with what information a party has on you rather than what you are doing. More info here: 



I recall correctly, the police can request details of numbers but (and it may have changed) they get charged for it by the telecom company and it wasn't cheap. 

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Re: Subject access request.

Good morning @Gazpreece_1974, and welcome to our forum Wave


I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through. I'll send you a Private Message now to first get some more details, and we'll check on our end what we can find out around this request and the information you're after!


Thanks @Anonymous for the mention, and everyone else for the advice and support slight smile

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Re: Subject access request.

I totally understand what your saying but i need to keep costs down as it looks like its all going a bit pete tong.
Thats why im trying to obtain them