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Excessive unexplained data usage

I've been using a Huawei mobile WiFi device for about 5 months and my average usage has been just over 1GB of data. This month it's used the 6GB but I've barely used it and even then it was for emails, a bit of Google and some time on fb. I purchased 2GBs yesterday tide me over and it's already down to 1.15 GBs. What's going on?
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Re: Excessive unexplained data usage

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Hi @Linda52

There have been a few people complaining about supposed excessive data use this past few weeks. You may want to ring customer services and check this out https://www.o2.co.uk/contactus

Edited to ask if the data usage matches up in My O2 and what the device states?

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Re: Excessive unexplained data usage

Has someone else logged onto the hotspot?
First thing I'd do is change the password.
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Re: Excessive unexplained data usage





Have you added any new devices recently, for example a laptop?


If the laptop is running Windows 10 it maybe an update that has used your data as Microsoft release a cumulative update each month that combines a number of patches which can exceed 1GB in size.


You can pause these for a number of days by typing update into the Cortana search, click Windows Update Settings, then Advanced options, pause updates.


You can set the amount of time you want to pause them but as they tend to include security patches I would recommend installing them as soon as you can.


You should also let Windows know the connection is metered by following the instructions here https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4028458/windows-metered-connections-in-windows-10






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Re: Excessive unexplained data usage

Good point about the hot-spot feature on an android phone and the (tethered?) other (Win10) device using up the mobile data, @Anonymous. 

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Re: Excessive unexplained data usage

Hi @Linda52, did you get a chance to look at the replies above? There are some really good suggestions in there, please let us know if any of them help you find out more about what happened on your account slight smile

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Re: Excessive unexplained data usage

Thanks for the help, everyone. Looks as if you might have helped me sort out the issue...but only time will tell.

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Re: Excessive unexplained data usage

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Re: Excessive unexplained data usage

Think this might be the reason. Thanks.