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Contacting O2



I just upgraded my phone and realised that I don't really like the phone. I want to cancel the upgrade or exchange it for a different phone. I want to stay with O2, I read online I have 14 days to change my mind I just need to contact O2 customer support, problem is I don't know what my security answer is and I don't know how to change it so they can't do anything about it.




Many thanks

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Re: Contacting O2

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@SO We are all customers here. No one can help you with security questions and answers. You'll need to contact customer service. Maybe they can give you a hint that might jog your memory? 

Edit: Either that, or take the phone into an O2 store and bring identification with you.



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Re: Contacting O2

Hi @SO

The change of mind policy is here


If you ordered online or via phone you have to contact customer services. Dont worry about your security question...they will give you prompts.



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Re: Contacting O2

Hi @SO, have you managed to get this all sorted since you last posted? Which exciting phone are you going to go for?

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