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Double data promotion

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I'm on the £30 big bundle and sent the 'double' text and got this reply...

O2: Sorry. To take part in the double bundle offer, you'll need to change your tariff to one of our £10, £20 or £30 Big Bundles. Please note the £15 and £25 Big Bundles aren't in the offer. To hear more about each Bundle and to change tariff, call FREE on 2202. After you change, we will add the double allowance within 24 hours. Thanks.

Odd, I thought, as I do have the £30 big bundle. So I phoned 2202 and it seems like my £30 big bundle was an older version -- less minutes and texts -- anyway, I swap my old big bundle for the new big bundle and I text 'double' again...

O2: Sorry, entries for that offer are now closed. Keep a look out for future O2 Pay and Go promotions.

So, how does this work exactly?
Is just switching tariff not enough, do I need a balance of £30 on my phone just to activate the offer?
Is it all just horribly broken?
How do I get my extra 20gbs of data?

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Re: Double data promotion up to August 2019 for existing customers

When you think how large O2 are as a company it’s surprising how basic things like this are missed.

I think the problem is that a culture of letting customers do the testing has taken over. I come from a customer testing background and can honestly say that the small investment required to set up a customer end test team is tiny compared with losing contracts due to embarrassing implementation.

It’s almost as though forums like this are the only way companies like O2 ever find bugs in the system. Alternatively, the business model may be to look the part with attractive offers but not act the part by making it difficult to take the offers up....or another way to look at it is that greed is taking over. :-(
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Re: Double data promotion up to August 2019 for existing customers

I don't even understand how I could be on an outdated tariff that's not even available anymore. Why wouldn't it be automatically updated?
O2 just seem incredibly lazy, except, of course, when it comes to harassing payg customers to 'upgrade' to a contract.
I don't want to jump through hoops to get something that's only supposed to take a single text. If that turns out to be the case I'll take my business elsewhere.
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Re: Double data promotion up to August 2019 for existing customers

@Marjo @EmilieT @Martin-O2 

Is there anything you can do to help @NevilleBartos please?

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Re: Double data promotion up to August 2019 for existing customers

Thanks for the mention @Cleoriff!


@NevilleBartos I'll send you a Private Message now to get a few more details, and we'll get someone on our end to look into your account to see if we can help you can this sorted Smiley Happy

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