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Re: RCS support

On Friday,I noticed that chat features was available in Google messages. Now today (Monday) it's unavailable. What's happening O2?
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Re: RCS support

Good morning @G-man1, we posted some info around this on Friday here Smiley HappyHope it helps!

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Re: RCS support

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EDIT - Read Emelies link above for o2's own info.


This is not o2 switching anything on. Google is using their own servers to enable RCS features as long as you use Google's Messages app, they have said once the network updates to support it natively they will hand back over. There's lots of articles about it but this one from XDA is quite good at explaining it - https://www.xda-developers.com/google-android-rcs-support-uk-france/


So don't blame o2 if it showed up and then didn't or if anything went wrong with it, this is nothing to do with o2, this is Google, I personally have had no problems whatsoever, the feature showed for me, took around ten minutes to verify my number, and has worked ever since, my best friend is on Vodafone and it works sending to her as "chat" instead of SMS tells me when she's typing if she's read my messages etc and any "chat" messages are in a darker blue bubble than the SMS ones.

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Re: RCS support

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I’m reading that there’s a way to switch RCS on with a few presses here and there.. And it’s going on general release before the end of the year...

Quite excited, might mean I can dump Apple!!

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Re: RCS support

Currently in use on O2 with my One Plus 6 which includes SMS over WiFi.
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