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Advertisements on my 02 phone

So I am paying a small fortune for my handset and usage then I find I am bombarded with adverts ever time pick it up!

If the phone was free I would accept that I have to have adverts to pay for it - as in commercial television, but it's not free, so how do I remove the adverts!!!

If the BBC had adverts we woldn't pay a licence fee, but we do and it doesn't.

02, sort it out and don't tell me to buy an ad blocker, that's not an acceptable answer.


ps whilst typing this i have received the same advert 3 times, offering me an energy saving deal that i don't want and have already declined but there it is back on my phone again.

when I press 'home' symbol it goes to 02...so please don't tell me it's not your fault.

Instead, please tell me how to totally block the adverts on my 02 phone.




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Re: Advertisements on my 02 phone

@JonnieR it is entirely your fault and nothing that is controlled by any network at all.

You have downloaded an app or apps which contain airpush advertisements.

You need to download an app called Malwarebytes from your app store and run it once installed. It will identify any apps you have which contain malware, which should then be deleted from your phone.

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Re: Advertisements on my 02 phone

You can also go through the app/play store and review what has been installed.
My wife had something called the In Launcher that did this. She claims no knowledge but I bet she clicked something in one of the (many) games she has on her phone...
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Re: Advertisements on my 02 phone

Disable apps one by one until you find the one that is giving you problems. Battery and data saving apps are renowned for it.

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Re: Advertisements on my 02 phone

Also look for fake facebook messenger apps that was a culprit on a friends android phone thanks @viridis for the tips on that occasion 

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Re: Advertisements on my 02 phone

Thanks for all the various messages of help.

I'll work though them and see how I get on.