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Direct debit

Hi there
I have accidentally cancelled my direct debit payment from my Barclays app ,how can I reinstall it?
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Re: Direct debit

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Hi @Marius 


You need to speak to your bank asap to get it set up again, explaining that it's cancellation was an error.


I'd also let O2 know what's happened, just in case your accidental cancellation causes a problem in them collecting your next payment. This is not O2 but a customer forum, so we'd have no access to your account and, therefore, no knowledge of when your next payment is due.

Guide: How to find help & contact O2 


Best time to contact customer services is between 8-8:30am to avoid a long wait on hold.


Good luck and welcome to the forum Welcome

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Re: Direct debit

You can also re add it on the my o2
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Re: Direct debit

Hi @Marius, how are you getting on with your direct debit? Did the advice above help you get it all sorted?


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