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Unlocking phone after cancelling contract


I relatively recently (August) cancelled my iPhone 6S contract with O2 Buisness. I have only just come round to reselling the phone, and have realised that I never properly unlocked the phone through O2. Does the contract being terminated mean the phone is unlocked anyway? If not, how do I unlock the phone as an O2 Buisness customer?

Many thanks in advance! 

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Re: Unlocking phone after cancelling contract

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Re: Unlocking phone after cancelling contract

Ending the contract doesn't unlock the phone. It would be nice if that was the case though.

Follow the process here:


This won't be a problem in the future as O2 now only sell unlocked phones.

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Re: Unlocking phone after cancelling contract

Hi @jmacc14, there's a lot of useful info above, but if you need any further help with this do let us know Smiley Happy

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