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Lost my phone

I've lost my company phone and I'm in india with no phone and no way of contacting the main account holder. How do i block my phone.



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Re: Lost my phone

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Please see the information contained here:



The loss needs to be reported within 24 hours to ensure you, or in this case your company, is only liable for any calls made up to the loss being reported to a maximum of £100. O2 will block the phone once the loss is reported.


If you have no other phone then I would ask at your hotel if you can use one of the hotel's phones to report the loss. The phone number in the guide is a Freefone number which you can explain to the hotel to alleviate their concerns for a huge telephone bill.


As far as I know, only O2 can block the phone.


The very best of luck and welcome to the forum Welcome



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Re: Lost my phone

@NATHANININDIA as you have access to here you can use the live chat option to report the loss but make sure you get a reference number. 

I would also add that phone calls to the numbers listed in the link are only free from another O2 mobile so won't be free if calling from the hotel.

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Re: Lost my phone

Of course... all supposing Live Chat wake up and start responding! They appear to have gone into hibernation over the past two weeks!!

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Re: Lost my phone

@NATHANININDIA You can call customer service for free from any phone or by using Skype on +44 800 032 1402


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