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LG G4 proximity sensor

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I have noticed a small problem with my G4 after I have taken a call.


If I move my hand near the top of the phone after a call, the proximity sensor is still checking for something being close to the screen. 

The only thing I have found so far that fixes it is a reboot (just power off, not battery out).


Things I have tried:

  • "secret menu" 277634#*# (which doesn't open/work)
  • going through settings to find sensors (even under developers options) - but nothing there
  • using apps (aida64 among others)

Does anyone know of a fix for this, or if I just have a faulty handset?

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I think on some phones it is always on as it is also used for case detection and some glance features whereby you can just move your hand over the phone like Samsung's air gestures and MS glance screen.
Not 100% sure on G4 but just suggesting it may not be faulty?
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