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Improvements to My O2 Business!

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Hi everyone,


We have some good news for our Business customers! As of today (11th December), you will notice some improvements in My O2 Business! These are changes that have been made based on feedback and insights from our customers. slight_smile


  • Improvements to information on usage since the last bill, so you can better keep on top of your spending in between bills! This means you can see info on your unbilled minutes, texts, data and value bundle usage.
  • New 80% bundle usage report: see details of any shared bundles where 80% or more of the allocation has been used.
  • New Top 50 users report will allow users to identify high spend at an earlier point in the billing cycle in between bills, and to take action to reduce the drain on shared bundles, and if necessary, reduce spend.
  • We have also introduced an improved journey to the functionality where you can schedule bills to be sent to your inbox, with a link from the top navigation on your Account Management and Invoices pages.


The improvements in unbilled areas, in particular, are something that you have wished for, and we hope these changes will help you better control your spend. Scheduling your bills to be sent via email should be quicker and easier now as well.


If you're a Business customer, it would be lovely to hear what you think of these changes when you've tried them out!


We have a related feedback and info topic on the Business board here.

Check it out for more detailed information on the above changes, and feel free to post your feedback and comments there as well. slight_smile


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