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My phone keeps dropping wifi in preference for 02 WWAN.02 WWAN doesn't show up in my wifi list.Automatic connection to networks is DISABLED on my phone (iphone 12)I connect to the internet via my wifi - private, unique password protected - however I'...

Resolved! 02 fraud txt

Hi I had a call from someone from 02 saying i been chosen as i pay my bills on time for an amazing deals etc... they sent me a code as i didnt understand what this man was shouting about i just hung up no details were given over the phone i later ran...

Resolved! iPhone 11 dual sim / esim

I am currently stuck abroad due to covid and have an o2 iPhone 11 Pro. I want to get the local network provider esim to use the data whilst here. Is this possible and do I need to get the o2 phone unlocked even if I keep it as the primary physical si...

alrodge by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Fraud?

Sorry if this is on the wrong topic! I can't get through to O2 so I'm really hoping for some assistance.I just got a notification from my bank account saying my sum of payment for O2 was declined due to the wrong CVV number, but I pay through cheques...

EE to O2 number porting partial work

Dear O2 Gurus, I purchased an extra line to transfer my wife's current EE number to O2. Was told porting will take a day and transfer will finish today. When new sim has been tested she cannot receive calls, but can call/texting to me. I've seen the ...

Szabi-01 by Level 1: Joiner
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Not received payment for my recycled phone

Hi,I’m wondering if anyone can give any advice on how to go about contacting someone to find out what’s happening with my payment for the phone I recycled last week. I got an email to tell me that I would receive payment 3-5 working days and it has n...

Jenna5 by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Live chat

Is live chat still available for O2 customers at the moment? If so, can someone post a link please as I'm just going round and round in circles trying to find it myself.

Resolved! How to remove unused phone from my account

How do I remove a phone that is no longer used from my account? I have followed the links online and it just keeps taking me around in circles. I never actually get anywhere

Dawn2823 by Level 1: Joiner
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