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Android Accessibility Videos 📱

Here are some Android Accessibility videos These are guides on how to use hearing aid support, voice access, sound amplifier and many other functions and features that you can utilise on your Android device. We hope that some of these videos can be u...

RafaC by Former Staff
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Apple Accessibility Videos 📱

Below, are some of Apple's very own accessibility videos for the iPhone. From using your iPhone without seeing the screen, to adapting gestures to your physical needs, discover how the accessibility features built into your Apple devices can help you...

lewysgp_1-1647349000463.gif lewysgp_2-1647349036120.gif lewysgp_4-1647349138787.gif lewysgp_5-1647349179875.gif
lewys-gp by Former Staff
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Free 3 months Apple TV not working ?

I recently saw the O2 priority offer of 3 months free Apple TV for new users Been trying to get it to work ...o2's link won't work ...the code doesn't work ....and I managed to join apple and tried the code within my new apple account and that won't ...

Repetitive texts-how to stop?

Hi, I recently changed my phone and have been getting bombarded with a text message from 02 saying I am not set up for visual voicemail - how can I get these to stop please? I get around 15 a day.

Pauline67 by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Is Idata still a thing?

Last time I went to Lanzarote data only worked with hotel wi-fi. Calls and texts were ok. I have seen other people earlier saying Idata needs to be turned on by o2. Is this still a thing? I am going to Lanzarote again and need to be prepared.

Samsung Galaxy 4 watch

I'm not too good with technical stuff as such but I've set up my watch and its connected to my phone. Does anyone know how I set the watch up to make a call from the watch etc? I need the watch set up so that if I am not near my phone, ie: I'm in the...

Claire_74 by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! BT email account

Why does my Pixel 7 stop synching my BT email account on a regular basis

AWW by Level 1: Joiner
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pixel 7 not charging

I have just received my new pixel 7 and it will not take a charge from mains power, computer usb or from a power pack. i have tried numerous cables with no success. The only cable it came with has a c type connector at both ends so i cannot see what ...

Resolved! Disappointed watch esim

I recently received a galaxy watch and a O2 pay monthly sim which I was very happy about. I understood that us use the watch to uts full potential I would need to get an esim costing about £5 per month. However when I when to arrange this in store to...

Brazers40 by Level 1: Joiner
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Can’t activate sim

It says “Sim Not Supported”. It says to request this iPhone to b unlocked by my network provider. Need help.

Aa220 by Level 1: Joiner
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