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Apple Watch Ultra Disconnecting from Cellular Data and only connects again if watch is restarted

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Hi, I'm experiencing some issues with the cellular connection on an Apple Watch Ultra. The cellular data connection drops and does not come back unless the Watch is restarted. This problems occurs when using the  watch for cellular features. ie when it is not connected on a Wifi or iPhone connection. This is in an area with good 4G cellular coverage, the network coverage is not causing the problem.

The Apple Watch connects to cellular data when it's first switched on, and it works and can receive data. It says when you tap on the cellular bars:

"Mobile Data - O2 UK - 4G". And it says when on tapping the big green cellular icon: Status: Connected.

The problem is when moving to an area of low signal, then back to the full signal area, it is impossible for the Watch to reconnect to a full signal, even when clearly back in the full signal area. 

It says when you tap on the cellular bars, even when moving back in to the 4G area:

"Mobile Data - O2 UK". And it says when on tapping the big green cellular icon: Status: Loading.

 The only way to cellular data reception back is to restart the Apple Watch. This obviously resets the data connection.

I have tried all the usual remedies: Unpair and factory reset Apple Watch, Remove and re-add Apple Watch data plan in the Apple Watch App on the iPhone, switch cellular data on and off on Watch and switch flight mode on and off on Watch. However the only way it regains data reception is restarting the Apple Watch.

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Was this issue ever resolved? Interesting to see this issue is still going on over a year after the original post. I suspected this might never get fixed and been monitoring it here in case I come back to O2 (mainly for roaming) but it's not looking good with all these posts about the Apple Watch and O2 UK redundancies and the merge. Although other networks are merging too. My impression at the time was this was a major O2 system fault.

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Hi @pgn thanks for info I’m brand new. The issue I’m having is the 4G connection on Ultra 2 watch. I’ve been reading many threads on here regarding Ultra watch loosing 4G connection or saying it is connected and then when you actually try to retrieve Mail or check the weather app it says not connected. 
I’ve had a few Apple Watches in the past but this is my first cellular version. 
many of the threads talk about exactly the issue I’m have so looks like it’s an issue that’s been ongoing for over a year. I did see that some had it resolved by @Anonymous and was hopeful they could also help me out. Cheers

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There is a newly-published Activate Apple Watch Guide that might be of use to you ? 

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