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Replacement Sim not working (connected but no calls or data)

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Hi community,


I recently had my phone stolen and O2 reissued my 5G sim card, the replacement sim card is being used in an older Iphone 7 temporarily. however although it is activated and shows connection to the O2 network in the top left i am unable to make calls or use data (there is no 4g showing). I have contacted O2 multiple times they are unable to help.


1. I have restarted the phone a number of times

2. I have reset network settings- it has all the correct idata.02 settings

3. the sim does not work in another phone either, I have tried another sim in the iphone 7 and it connects.

4. O2 have confirmed it is activated.

5. O2 are able to send me messages for security codes etc but I cannot call or send anything out and unable to call my phone number from another phone,


6. I had assumed maybe there was some sort of block on my account? But O2 seem unwilling to answer this question directly when asked and just make me try all of the above again.


Thanks for any help/ ideas! it is really aprpeciated.

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You need customer service to remove the bars placed on the account when the phone was reported stolen

We’re just customers like you but it sounds like you’ll need someone to access your account which can’t be done from here. If you message O2 using the links below, they should be able to help you with this

or give them a call on 202  or 0344 809 0202

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