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Why isn't my phone letting me text or call or bbm?

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I'm currently on the £15.50 deal, when o2 finally fixed its issues and was up and running again, everything was fine, but today my phone has suddenly stopped working, I can not send texts out only receive them, and accept calls, but when I try make a call it says "Incoming call blocked" Even when I attempt to call o2! My step father and mother and sister are all on the same deal linked to the same bank account, everything has been paid, but its only my phone that isn't working correctly, and I can not get in touch with o2 any other way.
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Re: Pay monthly

It's obviously a partial bar put on by O2 indicating there is a problem with your account. You need to speak to them to find out the problem. Perhaps borrow one of your family's phones and speak to them in the morning.