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Using phone in Australia

I’m on the contract with international roaming and am currently in Australia but my data isn’t working. I have data roaming enabled, any suggestions?
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Re: Using phone in Australia

Some possibilities so you need to check.

Try rebooting the phone.

First off try selecting another network manually if you have it on autoselect.

If you have an iphone, try changing the APN in mobile data settings to mobile.o2.co.uk

If it is already set to that then change it to idata.o2.co.uk

If you make any changes then you need to reboot the phone.

Please also be aware that data speeds outside the EU Zone are barely above 0.5Mb due to throttling on the O2 bandwidth being used. Preference is given to home networks and customers.

There is also the possibility that your account has a roaming bar which will need to be removed by customer service.

Guide: Roaming MegaGuide 

Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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Re: Using phone in Australia

Hey @NJH do you have an update on this one? Have you had any joy getting roaming working? 

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