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Using phone abroad

Hello there.
Last time I went abroad (a week in Lisbon) I was hit with a £160 bill when I got back. I'd only sent a couple of texts and made perhaps one brief call. So why so high? Apparently I'd been 'downloading data'.
I thought that meant actually downloading music or a film or something, but no - it can simply mean 'checking your emails'. That was news to me.
I'm off to France for just one day, and I like to keep in contact with facebook updates and emails and stuff. Is there a way I can avoid these enormous charges, or should I just be patient until I get home?
Many thanks for any advice or tips.
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Re: Using phone abroad

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Make sure your phone is set so that it only downloads the email headers automatically, that way you can pick what to fully download and won't get any big emails that can wait til you get back.
Also read this - http://www.o2international.co.uk/usingd ... nthly.aspx
O2 as standard now cap data abroad at £40. Basically you get charged £3 per MB. When you've spent £40 O2 stop charging you and you have the balance up to 50MB to use FOC. When you hit 50MB useage you lose your data. There is a higher option too, read the page for full details.
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Re: Using phone abroad

Also try and find some free wi-fi when you are out and about to save even more. http://www.wififreespot.com/europe.html one place to look depending on where in france you go.
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Re: Using phone abroad

Very prompt and useful replies. Many thanks. I remember hearing from 02 that they were capping their charges - I think I got the text the day I got back from Lisbon! They were clearly stalking me.
I should be OK now. Thanks again.