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Unexpected charge need o2 to contact me

I received an unexpected charge on my bill from a company of £40 completely not my fault o2 have froze my calls until I pay the amount of the call I have now to be refunded by the company which will take up to 21days for the check to come. I can pay my bill when it's due but cannot afford to also pay this charge, I have asked for an unlock code to use another sim in the meantime but I would also like to sort this out with someone at o2 I can't call them obviously I haven't purchased a house phone yet and have no money to go into town. I have emailed o2 proof of the refund and also my bill wasn't due so why freeze my account can someone pls help me get in contact with o2? Or give me advice on what to do thanks

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Re: Unexpected charge need o2 to contact me

Hi @Kerry5 If you need to sort this out asap then you do need to call customer services. You could borrow a phone or use any landline https://www.o2.co.uk/contactus

There is always live chat, though in fairness they aren't the best at dealing with account issues.

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Re: Unexpected charge need o2 to contact me

Hi @Kerry5 o2 will not contact you but we have community admin who I will tag that maybe able to help. @Marjo @Martin-O2 @EmilieT they  will bar outgoing calls until the bill is paid in full

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Re: Unexpected charge need o2 to contact me

@Kerry5 You can call customer service from any phone for free on 0800 032 1402.


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Re: Unexpected charge need o2 to contact me

Thanks for the tag @Anonymous!


@Kerry5 - Have you managed to get a hold of Customer Service since you last posted? Please let us know if this is all sorted or if you need further help slight smile

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