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SB7 Mobile Limited charges

Hi Everyone,


Could you please help me how can I cancel the SB7 Mobile Limited charge?

What is it really?

How can I claim my money back?


Many thanks Guys.


Kind Regards



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Re: SB7 Mobile Limited charges


See help here Guide: Have you fallen for or been conned into a premium rate scam? What to do next and here www.payforitsucks.co.uk

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: SB7 Mobile Limited charges

Good morning @Arpad, and welcome to the community Wave


If you follow the advice above, you should be able to get this all sorted, but in case you have any other questions, please giv us a shout!

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Re: SB7 Mobile Limited charges

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SB7 Mobile Ltd are notorious for their Payforitscams. Which scam were you affected by. Was it Nuyoo?


Take a look at the Trustpilot reviews of SB7 Mobile. https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/sb7mobile.com 


If you haven't already, the first step is to stop any further charges by sending a STOP message to the 5 digit shortcode associated with the service (usually 83463).


Then you need to set about getting your money refunded. Once you have stopped the charges you should insist on a FULL refund from SB7 Mobile Ltd. Best to use email for this if possible as it will provide you with evidence that you "have discussed you dispute with the seller" as required by the Payforit rules. 


When dealing with the scammers, if they refuse a refund, saying that you consented to the charges, ask for: 


  • Screenshots of the subscription workflow where you were alleged to have signed up for this service.
  • A description of what the service you are supposed to have subscribed to provides? Is this a newsletter, access to a web portal?
  • Any evidence that after supposedly signing up for the service, you actually used it
  • The complete web server log of the subscription, including the User Agent strings containing all device details (browser, device type, device IP address) together with dates and times.
  • If the subscription started after 11th May 2019, auditable proof of the additional authentication used (as required to comply with O2/GiffGaff rules)
  • Full company details of the company operating the service, country of registration, full name of company, company number and registered company address.
  • Details of the Accredited Payment Intermediary(API) which handled the payment
  • Details of the company’s disputes procedure, including any ADR scheme you can refer the matter to if they fail to provide a full refund.

SB7 Mobile are signed up to the CommsADR scheme, which might be worth using if you are dissatisied with the response from the company. The outcome of ADR is not binding on you, leaving the possibility of pursuing your claim through the Small Clims court if you are dissatisfied with the ADR process.

Remember that the law is on the consumer's side. It is for the scammers to prove that you consented to the charges and NOT for you to prove that you didn't. Ultimately, as SB7 Mobile are a UK  based company, you can use the Small claims procedure to recover your money. If SB7 Mobile cannot provide PROOF of consent (not just some vague statement that you must have clicked on a link), you are legally entitled to a FULL refund.


Also make sure that you report the scam to the regulator. https://psauthority.org.uk/for-consumers/report-an-issue .


You need to be aware that when you use mobile data to access the internet, O2 leak your number to “trusted third parties”. These companies are then allowed to make charges to your account without providing any evidence that the charge is lawful. If you have an O2 account these charges are applied directly to your account and O2 will refuse to reverse them (or to provide any evidence that they are lawful!). O2 will allow you to place a “charge to mobile” bar on your account which is effective at blocking Payforit charges.  Payforitsucks advises all consumers to request this bar.


More information about Payforit scams and how to deal with them are on the Payforitsucks website. Google "payforitsucks O2 faq" 


I hope you manage to resolve this issue. Come back to me (with a PM)  if further help is required.

Phone payment scam? Need independent advice? Payforit Faq for O2 Customers
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Re: SB7 Mobile Limited charges

Many thanks for your detailed guide.

Hope I can manage following your advice.


Thanks again.


Kind Regards