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Debit card wouldn't go through in store when getting a contract phone?

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I went into my local o2 store this afternoon and I wanted to purchase a Samsung phone for a monthly contract. Everything was going fine. The guy serving me was brilliant and helped me find the phone I wanted and then the problem was when he was trying to process my debit card information in the system. Now this is the first time Ive ever had a phone on contract as I've always previously been on the pay as you go SIM as my previous phone was a phone a family member gave to me. At first the guy serving me said I needed to pay £100 alongside the upfront cost as I had never had a contract or anything like that with o2 before. However, he said he would try and process my card another way for me to avoid the £100. Everytime he then tried to process my card info in every way possible the system wouldn't accept it. He said sadly my options were:


1. Get a SIM with better data etc for £13. (That wasn't what I wanted but it was an option).

2. Pay the £100 - at the time I didn't have the money with me as I'd prefer to pay in cash (Im guessing its some form of deposit because of credit history?)

3. Buy the phone which would be £300.


Now this is the first time I've got a phone on contract so I expect there would be credit checks and stuff. However, I am a little confused with the option of paying £100? Is it because I've never had a contract with them before and it's a way to make sure I can pay for the contract? It's kind of weird how it was explained. I'm guessing the 100 quid is a deposit for part of a credit check? I don't have poor credit really but I do have an Argos store card I am still making payments on. Would that be the reason why I need to make a deposit?

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Re: Debit card wouldn't go through in store when getting a contract phone?

Hi @jennyintokyo

As you haven't had a contract with O2 before, the additional upfront cost was providing extra surety for them. It's quite a common practice.

Had you opted for buying online you would have been credit checked anyway as the computer will do that on all new contract customers.

I can't understand why the CS advisor in the shop was trying to process your card without the additional £100. If computer info was stating the cost + £100 then that's what was required.


The additional upfront cost would have been taken off your overall contract price.


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Re: Debit card wouldn't go through in store when getting a contract phone?

Deposits are requested to cover the first 3 bills and until your credit worthiness is confirmed.
If you default on a bill, o2 will take it out of the deposit and if you pay the first 3 bills on time you can request the deposit be refunded to your 4th bill.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: Debit card wouldn't go through in store when getting a contract phone?

Hi @jennyintokyo, and welcome to our forum smiley I hope the information @Cleoriff and @MI5 shared above helped you understand what happened better, but please do let us know if there's still something the Community could help with!

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