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Credit Check System Left Me Phoneless

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So I recently took out a contract (12 Days ago) for a Oneplus 3t in store and everything went well and I got the contract, then Oneplus decided to make a more beautiful colour of the phone which came in a 'Midnight Black' I was advised that the only way to change the colour would be to cancel the initial contract and take out another but it was online only offer. I proceded to do so only to find that the credit check in the final step of an online purchase would deny me even though I had contract literally days ago, I found that because I had done a credit check in store and another one online they were done too close together. So now I can't get another contract out and I'm forced to leave 02 who have the Oneplus exclusivley.


-Moral of the story checking your credit score brings down your credit store (Oh the irony!!!) :@-


Has anyone had this sort of problem? I've emailed the credit check email still waiting on a reply. As of now my hands are tied.


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Don't know if this is the correct place to post but I'll try anyways. I tried moving from payg to o2 sim only contract recently. Everything agreed and setting up direct debit to find it has been declined by Equifax. Strange as my credit score is excellent. Contacted Equifax and my bank who told me to get in touch with o2 credit referrals. I emailed them along with a copy of my credit score only to find that the email has bounced. Can anyone help as I need to get on a sim only deal with better data. 😩😤

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See your other thread mate.

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