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All these Millions O2 are spending and STILL no 4G yet in Dundee fact

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NO WHERE apart from Edinburgh and Glagow

Come on O2 you can at least give a few more cities in Scotland 4G...even Aberdeen still doesn't have 4G and I'm shocked at that

Does anyone know what the latest roll out will be or the previous one? surely with all this money o2 are supposedly spending we should have more of our areas being upgraded?

I'm going onto the 4G plan at the end of the Month but I'm also in friends and family so my Tariff is halved, I also get 8GB of Data :)

Come on O2 sort this out, plenty of other carriers in Dundee etc now offering 4G (cough THREE)


I know some threads are stating that O2 do not let anyone know their progress but I'm pretty sure a while back they emailed out to everyone where the next roll out will be...I just can't find it lol

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Good Morning @Leebroath 



Their has been no e mail regarding 4g roll out to the best of my knowledge.


You can either keep checking the link to 4G cities or register for Updates.


It was said on a previous thread by @sheepdog "Given that December is usually a period of mass holidays by workers I doubt much has gone on. Even less with the storms and wet weather we've been having since December. 


o2 are striving to improve their network by 2017 ,and that's all that is official.


Obviously if you travel and 4G is available you will move onto that as long as you are using a compatible simcard and handset.


If your upgrading soon ref going onto a 4G Tariff and this is a dealbreaker for you then if '3' give you good strong signal in Dundee then i would suggest you think long and hard about using a PAC Code to move to them, although Ive heard they give excellent 4g speeds, and all you can eat data, but trying to make a phone call is another matter on their network.


Network Future :


4G link :


Keep in the Loop :

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Fantastic reply and many thanks slight_smile honestly though I do remember an email or news mentioning where the next upgrades will be. God I which I could remember where I saw it now
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@Leebroath wrote:
Fantastic reply and many thanks slight_smile


Hi @Leebroath 


You're welcome.


I know its not the reply you were probably hoping for and I understand how frustrating it is on having to wait.


I hope you and others get these speeds as fast as possible  {no pun intended}


Take care.

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I got an email last October/November from O2 saying that 4G was now in my area (Liverpool), however when I had trouble getting 4G to work (unable to get the sim), I was told by a member of the O2 complaints department that, although the email from them states that 4G is now in my area, it means that it is only just beginning to be rolled out in my area and it won't be available throughout the whole of Liverpool until 2015. 

I am on a 4G tariff now but I only get a 3G most of the time even though it says on the signal status that I should have a good 4G reception in my area 😞

I think the email from O2 was a bit misleading 😞

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Some of us do not even have 3g


I realy hate the attitued I must have it in my area first.


I am not having a go here


But realy o2 are the only network that has to by the end of 2017 provide 98% indoor coverage of data at 2mbs min speed . enforced by ofcom

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Mmmm 3g? I must Google that to ascertain what it is.

We all want the very best service for the lowest price but in my area you can't even use 2g for basic email or Internet.

O2 have a massive task ahead. Annoying? Yes. Frustrating yes. End of the world? NO

Perspective needed by all.
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Still get only GPRS or basic voice only (2G) in a lot of places even though I'm in the London area travelling round, and this was one of the first areas to be rolled out, so I wouldn't be in too much of a rush to get it in one specific location.

Where my OH lives in Surrey, just outside the M25 there's never been any 3G on O2 and it's sporadic on T-mobile and 3 too.

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@adamtemp64 wrote:

But realy o2 are the only network that has to by the end of 2017 provide 98% indoor coverage of data at 2mbs min speed . enforced by ofcom

It will be interesting to see how this is monitored - O2's coverage map claims outdoor 3G (patchy indoors) here. I have not heard of anybody in the village getting even a whiff of a 3G signal, but presumably that particular box is ticked as far as O2 is concerned

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You will have to have 3g at least as 2g is not capable of delivering 2mbps.
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