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Hello, I am a pay monthly customer. I have never asked to change my number before now. I know that I need to contact O2 customer services RE changing my number, but I have some queries (which I hope one of you lovely people can answer for me). If I c...
I currently have an account with a device plan and airtime. Is it possible to pay off the device only (earlier than the contract ends) and just continue with a sim only contract instead?
I am on pay monthly. I recently went to Spain and used O2 Travel. I was under the impression that I would be charged £1.99 per day for calls, texts and data, but that it would be capped to around a 120 mins and texts and data speed would slow the mor...
Which phone has the best camera? I'm usually an Apple fan but I've found that their cameras specs aren't changing much. Taking pictures from a distance usually results in poor quality. This is one reason I'm considering hanging up my Apple boots and ...
I am debating whether to get a Samsung VR but I am unsure whether it is worth the money or just an expensive toy. What are your thoughts?
I'm an LPC law graduate and an all around geek. I'm original in every way. I'd love to go to NYC one day. My family and friends mean the world to me.
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