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4G on new Iphone

I have just upgraded to a new IPhone and was told that I was on the 4G tariff.  It was just by chance when speaking to O2 online for another query I asked if they would check that my new sim was applicable for 4G.  I was told it wasn't and that they would post the correct sim to me.  It might be a good idea to check that the new sim O2 send you when upgrading is indeed compatible for 4G or else you may be paying for something you're not getting.


Apart from this I am happy with my new IPhone SE so far!

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Re: 4G on new Iphone

All o2 sims are 4g now and have been for over 2 years.
If you're still using an older one you should definitely replace it but you should have been given a new sim when you upgraded anyway.
The other problem you may get, if you find 4g still not working, is that they have put you on the wrong tariff or bolt on, so you may need to check this too.
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Re: 4G on new Iphone

Also have a look at the sim it self. All o2 sims in the coding may say so,etching like 4gpg2. If it has in the coding on the sim 4G then it's a 4G sim. 

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