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02 removing my Unlimited data

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I got a text today stating that my promotional Unlimited data would be ending on the next billing date. Now I took this contract out on the 20th of June the day before O2 removed unlimited data from all thee tariffs as I had heard they were doing this so double checked with the lady that sorted it all out and she confirmed that I had unlimited data and that the tarrifs were all changing on the 21st so I got it just in time.
I just rang O2 to find out whats happening and the lady told me that everyone is being removed from unlimited data no matter when their contract started and there was nothing she could do. Anyway she told me a manager would ring me within 24 hours.
Surely they can't just change the contract as they see fit, what if they decided to charge me double, I suppose as long as I have 30 days notice thats ok but is no ok for me to give them 30 days notice to cancel my contract.
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IS everyone absolutely sure about this not affecting everyone? I had a technical chat with somebody on the O2 website - he could only say there was nothing he could do about it and I couldn't change my contracts until 9 consecutive months had passed. I took my contract out (2 phones so rather expensive but worth it just for the phones) at the end of April so this really shouldn't affect me. Is this right??
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my iphone contract expired last month. if i do not upgrade will i not get capped?
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