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The location on my phone is Ibadan, whereas I live in Romsey UK.  It has been suggested to me that my device has been cloned.  Is this possible?

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Re: Location


I doubt it as the phone is using location services, not anything else, so it will be physically reporting where it "thinks" it is.

Try clearing cache, disabling and enabling location services, set it to high accuracy etc.

If all fails you may have to think about a factory reset, but check if you have any apps that can control location etc too.

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Re: Location

Good morning @McCall, it'd be really great if you could let us know how you get on with this - did you get a chance to try the suggestions above?  Smiley Happy



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Re: Location

Nigeria is a heck of a long way from Romsey!. 


If your phone had been cloned it would only be the IMEI information and number. As already indicated the GPS location is determined by actually pingng the location of that specific device and not the sim information. Therefore it is very unlikley it has been cloned.


Is your device second hand(from the famous auction website) or have you bought a manufactrers refurb unit?


If this is the case then the cache will need clearing or to be absolutely sure do a factory reset(back up first) which will put it back to how it was when it left the factory. This should then clear the spurious GPS cache and you can start again.


It is odd that the GPS location has you in Nigeria. Even if the last location was abroad as soon as the gazateer is downloaded to your device from the GPS network it should sort itself out.