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Out of Stock after Ordering

Just ordered the P30 pro said in stock online so went ahead, got confirmation email and then one saying the phone was out of stock! Heard nothing since Tuesday and keeps saying it’s in progress when contacting them they say ring delivery! Bad advertising that really shame as been with them since BT cellnet days! Anyone had the same and how long does it take???
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Re: Out of Stock after Ordering

Hi @Emzy 

Sorry to say, this is quite a common story. Order something online, only to find it's out of stock'

With hindsight which is a wonderful thing, you would have been much better going instore and picking up the phone there if it was in stock.


O2 do not have a live stock ordering system , this is why this happens frequently. There is no point you ringing delivery, that's the job of o2 NOT yourself. Also , no point ringing anyone other than O2 as it's obviously out of stock. When your item is dispatched, you will be able to track it via this method


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Re: Out of Stock after Ordering

Hi @Emzy
Seems par for the course 😡
Not good at all.
Several customers have mentioned exactly the same problem.
Not helpful I know but you are not alone.
Because it's an order I suspect you will need to follow CS instructions.

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Re: Out of Stock after Ordering

It is also possible for the out of stock email to be sent in error though I wouldn't get your hopes up


I ordered a SIM only last year and got an out of stock email. Needless to say O2 were not out of stock of SIM cards 😂

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Re: Out of Stock after Ordering

Par for the course with O2. How a major telecoms company can show as in stock is ridiculous. We see this so very often and until O2 invest in a live stock system we will continue to see customers given false promises.