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Accessory Tracking?

Do the accessories which are shipped by Royal Mail have tracking numbers?
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Re: Accessory Tracking?

Not sure they do, but RM tracking outside of Special Delivery only tells you if an item's still in the RM system or delivered. And almost never in real time any more. So only somewhat useful to the sender not the recipient.


DPD tracking tells you what colour the delivery driver's socks are!


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Re: Accessory Tracking?

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Hi @Kanakashi

Are these accessories purchased from O2?

If so, the simple answer is no, sadly


*Accessory orders

If you’ve ordered an accessory, you won’t be able to track your order. But don’t worry, it’ll be with you before long.

If they are bought from another seller (such as Amazon) directly and not a market place seller, then you are usually able to track online...

It's up to the seller to decide whether they want to pay for tracked delivery. I order 99% of goods online and even if sent via RM you don't always get a tracking number

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Re: Accessory Tracking?

I was sent an item via RM recently and the seller gave me the option of paying for a tracking number. As I had never used this seller before I opted for a tracking number which I duly got when the item had been posted. So, it's up to the seller and O2 don't give you the option and sadly won't pay the extra to get one.

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Re: Accessory Tracking?

Did the info above answer your question, @Kanakashi? Let us know how you're getting on with this delivery and if you're happy with your accessories slight smile

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