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stolen phone and Getting a new sim

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I am so frustrated right now with O2. My Phone was stolen 2 weeks ago and i went into store to get a new sim and report the phone stolen. Even though they triad multiple times I could not pass the security checks in the store, but i could pass when they called into helpdesk. I had moved house 6 days before so could not have the sim posted to my address as i don't live there anymore.


the store gave me a card and asked the help desk to activate it for me only to find that they couldn't do it without sending a code to my old number (which was stolen). I suggested they send the sim to the store and I can collect it from them. they said they could not do this as they cannot change my address on the system without sending a code to my number ( which was stolen). I then tried to change my own address on my account and could not as I also need to enter a verification code sent to my phone (which was stolen). I have been calling in and each time I reach the wall that they need to send a verification code to my sim and as this was stolen I cannot do anything with my account.


things have gotten so bad since I don't have a sim, I cannot log into my work laptop as they send the code to my number. I cannot log into my credit and debit card accounts cause they also send codes to the phone. my cards have also been blocked now cause I could not verify purchases and since I am in a new area it looked like suspicious activity. Whenever I have called in they all say there is nothing they can do, which to be honest is not good enough. I am on a pay monthly contract and cannot cancel so its not like I can just start a new contract with another company. they didn't even offer to try and come up with new solutions or pass me on to someone who can actually come up with a dynamic solution.  

My life is literally falling apart, all cause I cant access my sim number, I cant even get money out without physically going into the bank every time. if my employers were less understanding I might even be out of a job. I just want to be taken seriously.  

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@O2KyleW or @O2Simon can you please assist @pickle?


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