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stolen phone

if my phone has been stolen, and the police have been informed and ive looked on find my ihpone and cant find anything, is it possible to give youse my imei number so youse could track my phone? 

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Re: stolen phone

@nicolereedx This is a customer community. Not O2 Please look at this link: https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/How-to-Guides/Lost-or-Stolen-O2-Device-How-to-Report-it/bc-p/1023990#M...

If you've looked on Find My Phone and it isn't coming up, you might have gotten lucky and the thief can't get into your phone. But you must report it to O2 asap.


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Re: stolen phone


Just to reiterate what @Bambino has said, you MUST report the loss of your device within 24 hrs


The loss must be reported to O2 within 24 hours. That way, the customer can only be held liable for any charges up to the point of reporting or a maximum liability of £100.



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Re: stolen phone

Hi @nicolereedx, and sorry to hear about your phone confused I hope the advice above helps you understand which next steps to take, but please do let us know how you get on with it all.


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Re: stolen phone

If you have any cards set up on Apple Pay on the device you should remotely delete them using this process




You can also remotely erase the phone using the process described at




Remotely wiping it will turn it into a rather expensive looking paperweight due to activation lock which will prevent anyone who isn’t you from activating the phone again